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    What exactly is backed up through the Palm Backup service? If this has already been discussed then a link would be appreciated and you could close this thread or w/e. Does it backup all my contacts, linked accounts, photos, vids, what about music? and Apps, does it remember what apps I downloaded? I ask this cause I need a new Palm Pixi (current one has a malfunctioning 3.5mm)
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    The Palm profile backups the what apps you downloaded, contacts that are synced to the Palm profile, and your accounts (EAS, google, etc). It does not back up vids, photos, or music, or app data (game data, sign in info, etc.) Hope this helps.
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    Contacts added directly from your phone
    Calender events made directly from your phone
    All downloaded apps from App Catalog

    That's about it. In terms of preferences, you should install Save/Restore to restore all preferences, game trophies, etc.
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    Read this: The good and not- so good, of palm backup service. Link:

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