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    I downloaded an app called GPX Mapper this weekend to display a route i created on for my weekend ride. It worked out great and I really like the app but it is quite sluggish, doesn't use pinch to zoom, and doesn't overlay gps location over the route so I had to have google maps open at the same time. Is there an app out there there can open a GPX file and show my location at the same time? Thanks
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    You might ask the BFGMaps developer to look into it.
    He has done wonderful things with Google Maps.
    BFGMaps is in the Beta Catalog.
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    I'm looking for this too. Trying to figure out a way to map out a particularly confusing series of trails in a local park. I've figured out the mapping bit but not the ability to display the map with a GPS indicator.

    I was hoping there was something out there but I might have to see about getting into WebOS development so I can make this happen...
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    Correct me if I'm wrong but Mapping Tool only creates GPX files. I can't find a way to load them.
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    I think you can import GPX via the import button in the list tracks window? I think you put them in the MapTool directory.

    More/actual info here:
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    I tried opening up a gpx file in MapTool but kept getting error messages. The file opens up with GPX Mapper so I know it's good. Not sure if MapTool can open .gpx yet.
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    Sorry to lead you astray...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    Sorry to lead you astray...
    On the plus side, it does solve my problem. I totally missed that menu item to show old tracks on the map. I'm using MapTool to create tracks as well as view them.

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