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    just saw this app and it's description sounds like google goggles. It's $10 though. Maybe precentral and wor will review this app if no one takes the plunge.
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    Yeah I saw this one too and though COOL! But for $10... I didn't plunge.
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    there is now 1 anonymous review raving how it (so far in his limited side-by-side testing) out-performs google eyes
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    I'm the developer of OfferEye

    The application may not function correctly if the clock of your webos is adjusted and we are solving this with an update. If someone have any problem you can ping us in our site.

    We are planning a special day (bid) of OfferEye. And it will be announced on twitter and facebook

    I would add that we will release updates for each reported problem,

    Cora Apps
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    any chance of the price being dropped. Looks like a really cool app but 10 dollars is just way too much.
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    The other reviews seem to not favor the app. I agree, 10$ for a glorified Google search is too much.
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    I would also add that the application search for products on Amazon and one of the goals is to be used for shopping, unlike Goggles.

    After the application recognizes the image, is also possible to search on Google or directly on eBay, Wikipedia and Bing.

    Cora Apps

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