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    internals crew is actively investiigating
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    whoa what the hey
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    Not sure I can take another tease so close together.
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    boo download failed. hahahaha
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    come on people, on the verge of an update some jokers think it is fun to toy with the masses.

    I'm not holding my breath...
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    it's been there for 4 months it doesny download
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    Quote Originally Posted by stung View Post
    boo download failed. hahahaha
    may download after update,never know.
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    I jus saw something about this on twitter
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    7 ppl were able to download it. Who are they? Does it work? You have 1.4.5? I wanna know
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    Quote Originally Posted by abegee View Post
    it's been there for 4 months it doesny download
    Next thing you're gonna tell me is that placeholder on the adobe site has been up there for 12 days.

    Wait a minute...
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    I have 1.4.5 and it still doesn't work, it probably won't because Albacore is apparently code for 1.4.x and the app explicitly says it's for webOS 1.3.5. Soooo, someone could doctor down to 1.3.5 and try it, lol.

    On the other hand, though, it is probably legit, I don't think you can submit com.palm apps to the beta feed. From what I understand, there is a script that automatically rejects com.palm apps and is one of the reasons NaNplayer is not in the app catalog.
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    I have on my sprint pre and didn't work for me. Once I get 1.4.5 I'll try again.
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    rwhitby checked into this and it is an old test application from months ago. Please stop posting about it and confusing people. Thank you.

    Windzilla this was not directed at you.
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