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    Im trying to coax the wife into getting a pre - like me. That way support, accessories, etc are shared. She has my old Treo now.
    Well..someone showed her this hillarious app

    Has anyone seem anything like this for the pre? Anyone want to develop it?
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    show here the touchstone instead

    Ps, there is an app that lets you change your voice on calls, but it requires a paid service to make it work. It's not the exact same thing, but similar.

    Apps like this will be possible with webOS once they publish the microphone API later this year...
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    spoof card is what Workerb33 is referring to i think. i know it used to be in the app catalog, not sure if it is still there or not. I had it for a while. Fun little get so many free miuntes of calls but then they want your $ when you run out of time.

    Edit: Just checked and it is still available. A quick search in the app catalog will find it.

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