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    Hi, Great app! Works great so far controlling VLC on my mac mini connected to my HDTV. I just have 2 little annoyances.

    1. Can VLC be Launched from the remote? I guess I could leave it running all the time.

    2. If I use another app and then use the remote, the main nav and doc still show in full screen mode. This forces me to actually click VLC app to remove it. Anyway around this.

    Here is a video for reference.

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    glad you like it.

    re the issues:

    VLC remote just talks to VLC (it doesn't need another app running to manage this) - but this means there is nothing to launch VLC.
    I may work around this at some point with another running app, but for now, leaving VLC running is the best bet

    this looks like a new bug in VLC on mac (It wasn't there before).
    it also seems to be fixed in the 1.1.3 nightly build
    Index of /build/macosx-intel

    so you can either sit tight, or switch to the cutting edge!

    ps: thanks for the video, I really appreciate it when people make an effort to help me solve issues!
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    I'm going cutting edge. Thanks!

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