Our two new apps, date2date (free) and date2datePro ($1.16) are available now in the app catalog. Thanks to all who tried and reviewed the beta version.

With date2date you can calculate an end date given a start date and a number of days, weeks, or months. Give date2date two dates and it will tell you how many days, weeks, months, and years are between those two dates. Date2date will also show you the day of week, ordinal day number, ISO week number or days remaining in the year for any date. Repeatedly adding a date interval (such as 28 days) is also very easy. If you need to do date interval calculations, date2date can help.

Date2datePro is the paid version of date2date that has no ads so more information fits on the screen. It also has a nifty extra feature: the ability to save a target date or interval. With that, every time you open the app you can immediately see what day is six months from today or how many days are left until the big project is due.