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    OK, now that the Sprint Pre will probably get 1.4.5 tomorrow, what are the PDK apps that we should be looking for? High on my list is (though it sounds a bit grind-y) Crusade of Destiny, but Galcon and ExZeus look tempting as well. Sigh, too bad a software update will cost me some money!
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    I doctored to 1.4.5 last night, so I recommend Radiant, galcon, and buka. I want raging thunder, but I already own asphalt 5.
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    is their a way to filter out just the PDK apps, through the catalog or preware?

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    coming from an iphone, I have to admit, I miss angry birds haha
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    angry birds seems to be coming in soooooon
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    I am only seeing a handful of PDK apps in the store for my Pixi.. No Galcon or ExZeus. NFS is about it lol
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    It would be great if we could get a complete list to catch us up with everyone else who already has the update. Can someone pull it together? Thanks!
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    N.O.V.A doesn't look bad.. I might check it out.
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    Yeah I agree a list of PDK games would be nice to see before actually going into the catalog.

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    no pdk apps for me Pre sprint, meta doctored
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    Quote Originally Posted by shanesgc View Post
    I am only seeing a handful of PDK apps in the store for my Pixi.. No Galcon or ExZeus. NFS is about it lol
    Yeah, Palm has a big bug where the Pixi can't use 2D SDL... So you will likely only see 3D stuff unless Palm fixes the bug or the developers use the workaround (basically take the 2D image and put it on a 3D plane).

    I have three PDK apps out right now:

    Pixi Dust:
    Alien Invaders:
    Fun with Fractals:

    All of them free, so try then out and be sure to leave a review!
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