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    Hey, do any of the twitter apps support Twitter's "lists"? They're basically subsets of your timeline that you can define based on users, so, for instance, you can have a "list" containing just family members, and when you select that list, you'd see a timeline that only contains those users' tweets.

    I have Twee, I've tried Tweed Free, and neither of them seem to support lists.

    It'd be great to be able to not only choose among lists as a view of my account's timeline, but also as a a default view, and as timelines available to use as a basis for notifications.

    ...oh, and the ability to manage and define lists on-device rather than via the website would be awesome, too.
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    Try Tweed, I think it has lists, I used to use it (I use Badkitty now). And, I thought Twee supports lists?

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