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    I would love to see a CRM native or web app for the pre and pixi, i.e. webOS. I am techaholic and a new fan of palm pre and pixi. I have been searching for a CRM for the pre. I like salesforce but find it way too expensive. I am currently using Capsule CRM. I would love to see an app for that(no pun), but would be willing to switch if Batchbook or Highrise were to come to the webOS platform. I used to be an apple ******, but have recently migrated away from the proprietarian ways of Apple. I am currently waiting for the Palm PAD. I cannot code and do not design web apps but would to see a CRM of value come to my new favorite platform.
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    My company is moving away from Salesforce for 2 reasons: 1) it is overly complex, hard to train for and 2) it is expensive by any measure, but to use ANY smart phone app, you have to be at the most expensive subscription level exceeding $100 a month.

    Our choice is full force Batchbook. I have been using them for 5 weeks and love the platform it is simplicity and complexity, batchbox email integration, supertags which let you set things up just like you want, and on. And, the cost is low and the API is accessible. They are developing an iphone app which is to say they are open to smart phone development. There is a developer here who indicated their company would consider writing a webOS app.

    If we can ll through our weight behind this Batchbook, we can get some things done.
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