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    It is getting TO frustrating that I can't synch tasks with anything. I know I can get To-Do classic but that doesn't help me when Im at the office looking at Outlook or Google Tasks.

    This Sucks.

    Also, for anybody working on a task program. I always have a call to return. It would be GREAT!!!! if there was a way you could enter a name from your contact as a Task or Todo and then just touch it to dial when you are ready to call. Seems so straight forward.
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    You can do this with PocketMirror, I just rechecked now (haven't used this feature much though). If you have a phone number on the task name or description, just tap and hold it and it will be sent to the phone dialer.. tap call and it starts to dial.

    Plus, it syncs Tasks locally to your Outlook account via wi-fi.
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    Try Done! it works with the online service toodledo. I transitioned from datebk on Centro to webos, and it replicates most of the functionality I need, minus to easy calendar integration and joint view.

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