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    ANyone willing to create a webOS app for uptodate. I think the only way to do the databases is to have online access. Much like what PalmDoc did with DrugView.

    UpToDate had an application for the Palm Garnet OS with databases on an SD card. I wonder how easy it is to make an app to access that. I think they are java files.

    Is this Ares-able?
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    I think you would have to ask uptodate to create an app!
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    I asked this question to way back when, and they stated they had no plans on releasing an app for any portable device that does not come with an SD card, including the palm webOS devices and the iphone, since their program needed to be installed on an SD card.

    SO...i thought about adding uptodate to motion apps classic software's virtual SD card to see if it would work, but to be honest I havent had the chance to do so.

    I currently use the website, which works really well on the webOS browser.

    has anyone tried installing the program on the virtual SD card?
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    Here's my two cents:

    Someone could theoretically make an uptodate app. The problem is, as they said, it needs to be shipped with a 1.3 Gig database. Which COULD be constructed at first launch of the app (something like what epocrates does). However, this seems like a lot of effort and manual digging through databases for a third party dev. Now, some dev might not mind but the issue arises that if a dev does end up going through all that trouble and releases an app, and if uptodate gets unhappy and gets it taken down, or gets the dev in trouble, then the poor dev just wasted all of his/her time and effort.

    That being said: if WebOS is the first smartphone OS (without SD card support) to have an uptodate app, it would NO DOUBT be huge. Would make quite the splash...

    just sayin...

    I wouldn't mind TRYING a web front end app. Like the mobile friendly version of the website as an app... But the whole pay to sign up is kinda holding me back. :/.
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    It is too bad UpToDate has not come out with an app. Lexi-Comp jumped right in and they basically use databases on all their library. You pay for the app & pay per library. They give you a code so you can download the library, e.g. 5 Min Clinical Consult, Harrison's, Lexi-Drugs, etc. You pay for a yearly subscription, when it expires, the library no longer useable. UpToDate could do something similar. Lexi-Comp is always updating databases OTA as well.
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    has anyone tried installing it on the virtual SD for classic?
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    this never worked for me thru Classic which is a bummer... Can someone just convert the Palm app thru Ares maybe? I have no clue about programming sorry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bulls96 View Post
    Can someone just convert the Palm app thru Ares maybe? I have no clue about programming sorry.
    hahaha I truly wish that was possible. It's unfortunately a bit more involved than that.
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    i'll ask about it

    god that's cryptic. I'm meeting with someone soon who would be in a position to help make it happen. I'm meeting for non uptodate or pre reasons, but i'll ask about it.
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    Hey windzilla,

    if its at all possible, I'd be more than willing to help out with the project. I don't have an account or anything, but I'd be willing to work through the logistics through official means...

    Good Luck!

    Let us know how it goes.
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    @windzilla @sirataxero - I will be cheering you on!! keep us posted!
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    This would certainly be OUTSTANDING if it could be done.
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    any updates on this?
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    Uptodate keeps saying they can't because the devices don't have an sd card. That's silly since with the Pre plugged in, it's effectively a USB drive. They've confused it with the iPhone. The installation process could use the USB drive like an sd card to install the databases from the DVD.
    Anyways I use which works fine (provided one has decent Internet speeds), and this mobile display works well on the Pre's browser.
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    have you informed them of the fact the phone can be used as a usb disk?

    it would be a great accomplishment if webOS would be the first modern smartphone OS to carry uptodate.

    I believe one of rahul sood's side interests is electronics in the medical field, as he mentioned this in a webOs podcast. I'm sure hp would have a strong interest in this as well.
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    I did not get the chance to ask, my meeting was not really conducive to it. If I get a chance in the future I will.

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