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    I like Memo for 1 or 2 line quick notes, but I'm finding myself missing the old notes app on my Centro for longer stuff. I saw a review for Scratch on the main page today and it got me looking for a better way to handle note taking on my Pre. I tried to use google docs directly, since I'm a google docs addict, but apparently there's not editing in the mobile mode, and the desktop mode was unusable. I'm also not hooked on the idea of having no offline access to longer notes, so something like Evernote is out.

    What's your favorite note taking app? Does it integrate (well) with google docs well? Can you password lock certain notes? What about multi media stuff in notes (not sure I'd need that, but hey why not!)?

    I'd make a poll, but I tossing "notes" into an app catalog search returned far to many entries, so I figured I'd crowd source this question.
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    I use Classic Notes. It pulled in all my PalmOS notes. It works and looks the same including being able to lock individual notes. It does not sync with the desktop. We need a webOS desktop for access to PIM data from other computers.

    Notes in PalmOS were useful. The Memos app in webOS is a cartoony joke. I really can't believe they let something so cheezy and useless into webOS. webOS Memos has the elegance and finesse of a box of coat hangers.
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    +1 for Classic Notes.
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    I use Notes from Inglorious Apps. Plenty quick, can attach photos and it syncs to google docs. My wife and I share notes via the sync, so thats nice.

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