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    So tipb reported that paratroopers was recently ported to iPhone. I can't be mad or anything, the dev has every right to try and make a buck. And it's not like he got an hour long spot on espn to announce his decision to port it over, but it is a bit of a bummer that we lost one of our few worthwhile exclusives, don't ya think?

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    Awesome I'm happy for him. I'd be interested to know how his sales compare in the App Store compared to the App Catalog - hopefully webOS sales won't be dwarfed or we might lose a valuable dev.
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    Maybe his sales on iphone will be significantly less on than on webos, because it is dwarfed there with the innumerable competition. Perhaps this will be the one that shows devs the advantage of an uncrowded marketplace???

    One can dream...
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    Very happy for the dev. I am a multi-platform believer. The more the better in my eyes.
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