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    So basically, everytime i press the update button, it shows me a blank box.
    It looks like its beginnin to download something but it just stays there.
    And i cant download anything else because, my guess, it believe's that the empty box needs to finish download, even though i cant pause or delete it.
    I believe i can just full erase or atleast erase app & data, but im trying to find an alternate solution if anyone has.
    --Pictures below show before and after, pressing the install updates button.
    Screen stays like that, waiting for empty box to download.
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    Is the empty box for a valid app, or is it something that's always there? Like if you had clicked on the update for AppScoop, would it have changed into an empty box as well?

    Instead of hitting "install updates," try the individual app update on the right with the green arrow, or try clicking on each app that has an update available... on each app's page at the bottom, click where it says "update available" (where it would normally say "tap to launch").
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    If i press the update for each app individually, it would turn into the normal way it would look when downloading. (look at the 2nd picture)
    But it just stays in that way, my guess waiting for that 1st empty box to download even though theres nothing there.
    So none of the app's update, when in appscoop or in the catalog, no app's download either.
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    So the "blank app" is already showing up as in the first pic, already trying to update itself, without you having pressed the install updates button?

    Edit... do you have preware installed?
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    Exactly. I just go to that screen and the blank app is trying to update alone.
    Yes i have preware, and when i try and update anything from there, it's still frozen.
    My guess, because of that blank app.
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    Ok, download an app from preware called Terminal. Go to Available Packages, Application, All, then search for Terminal.

    Once installed, run it and type in the following commands:

    cd /var
    cd palm
    cd data
    cd com.palm.appInstallService
    rm installHistory.db

    Then press option/orange + SYM + R to reboot

    Basically, I think your app catalog thinks an app is still installed that isn't anymore... this will remove the file which tracks your install history, and should fix the problem.
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    Im working right now, so il have to try when it's less busy, but thank you.
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    FINALLYYYY. I was scared i had to delete all my apps to recover.

    What you told me worked.

    Thanks Alot man.
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