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    update for facebook app available
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    Yep, and it's pretty sweet. I had troubles with 1.2.30, but this one blows that out of the water.
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    I don't want to seem like an *****, but how do you clear multiple notifications at once?
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    when you hit the world icon then see all notifications and then swipe back
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    Mine's not finding the update.... Is this a beta update?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scwalker78 View Post
    Mine's not finding the update.... Is this a beta update?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scwalker78 View Post
    Mine's not finding the update.... Is this a beta update?

    Mine wasn't showing an update to the beta app either when I was in the Shopping Bag. I just went ahead and selected the Facebook Beta app and the next screen that came up said there was an update available.
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    I haven't used a FB app since July/August of 09 and this one is really nice.

    Great work from Palm!
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    Still this update missed a couple things for me. I feel like we are being asked to do the hokey-pokey to clear notifications. Why the deuce wouldn't it function the same way as the website? IE: tap the globe once to see the group, tap again to clear and go back to feeds...

    Also they are missing the point that video should play in the native media player, and right now it tries to send you to the website where you find a broken flash player plug-in. Since they had it functioning correctly in the past, I'm not sure why they have changed their direction for video.

    Thirdly, they are still ignoring chat. Now, do I use FB chat a lot? Not really, but should it be added to keep up with Android and Iphone? DUH! We've had enough time to get this app up to what google and Iphone have so someone needs to make it happen.
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    I can't seem to get the update. I've gone to the Palm page to send the SMS link and it never sends me the txt. I cannot find it in the app catalog either. How do I get this update? It may seem silly, but I'm stumped.
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    I will say Palm quickly built a VERY good facebook app. I don't have much time with the iPhone app but that has been billed as the best facebook app, but i can't find any beefs with Palms now.

    Now I wish google or SOMEONE would build a good android facebook app. I mean its not terrible but its def. 3rd place behind iPhone/WebOS and in front of Blackberry.
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    so for like the longest time, I had been using facebook app not directly from App Catalog...I went to google and download the facebook....and everytime I changed my status on facebook, it would never show 'via facebook for Palm".....grrrrrrrrr....such a that I have downloaded the rite app from Palm itself, does it keep my logged in all the time or wat? Can I not log out? I don't see that option anywhere!!! does anyone know? sorry if this question has been asked already, i did read some pages but couldn't find the answer! thanks in advance!
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