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    Wesnoth for WebOS would be great...

    also see: Battle for Wesnoth • View topic - Wesnoth for WebOS/Palm Pre
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    Wesnoth is a very cool game I play it on my PC, that will be cool if we get a port, like I said on Wesnoth Forums, I think that making a port of Wesnoth, will be not to complicated, beacause webOS is based on Linux and Wesnoth have a Linux version.
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    i love this game. It would be great if this happens
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    I love battle for wesnoth and I could'nt wait to see a port for webos. I was very excited to see that it finally appeared in the catalogue, but no one has reviewed it yet.

    has anyone tried it yet?
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    Yeah, I'm waiting as well for some reviews. This is a great game and am excited, hopefully it works.
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    It arrived! =D
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    Hi @all,

    3 reviews on the app catalog, and it got 3 x 5 stars.
    I will definitely buy this at the end of the week (as soon as I get my new credit card)

    It would be very nice if anyone on precentral would review the game. Otherwise I'll do it as soon as I get my hands on it.

    Cheers and many thanks to Wulven Games for the port
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    Just wonderin' where the source files are? Isn't Wesnoth a GPL game? Didn't see them on Wesnoth's page or Wulven's.
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    Downloading now.... 347 MB! I should have downloaded at home while on WiFi.

    Will review by end of day but this is exactly the type of game I've been waiting for!

    Update #1 -- in tutorials but so far having fun! Getting familiar with the touch controls is a pretty straightforward affair, the tutorial gives clear instructions. It's fun, even though I'm just playing the the scripted tutorial so far (never played the game before). I may haev to download this on my PC too....... )

    Update #2 -- now three hours later and I'm cross eyed from staring intently at the little screen. Definitely a great port and fun RPG and turn based gameplay. Two big thumbs up (or index fingers, as I don't use my thumbs to play this game)!
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    Here's some more information on the project, Battle for Wesnoth • View topic - Wesnoth for WebOS/Palm Pre. States it's from "Kyle's iPhone Wesnoth repository"
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    I don't think it is just from Kyle's iPhone repository, take a look at who started Wulven Game Studios:
    About | Wulven Game Studios

    hint: Started by Kyle Poole.

    And on the other forums, Kyle stated he was approached by HP and offered a Pre to do it.

    So, it looks like it has been ported by the same guy that did the iPhone port. Which makes me wonder why the Multiplayer features are missing from the WebOS version.

    I had never even heard of the game prior to seeing it here. Now, I am spending hours playing, on the PC and on the Pre.
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    Is it possible to get this on the Touchpad?

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