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    ok, it sounds like it works for everyone else, but it sure doesnt work for me.

    I had my alerts set to not text me or email me when I had a vmail (if I have the voicemail message why do I need to be notified any other way?)

    but whether or not the app is running or not, I RARELY get the voice mail in the app. I always have to open it and choose "check for new messages". I do have the auto download messages set to "on" as well, so it isnt that. now I turned the text notifications on since the app doesnt just download them for me and tell me, but even with the text notifications on and the email notifications off, I still get BOTH alerts everytime.

    under my "services" in preware I have the fileMgr and SysToolsMgr.

    I have the GNU patch and Lsdiff under linux applications


    VKB default themes and config under misc.

    then of course I have 38 patches, but they are mostly changing the launcher, and adding options to alarms, sync times, etc... none that I would think would affect this program. maybe the sync time thing, but thats the only one I could think of having any effect, but everything else syncs fine.
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    If you have a problem or a question about the app... you should post your problem or your question in the official thread for that app... this way you can get help from the person who created it. Might also be good to read the thread... its always possible the answer to your question or problem has already been presented.
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    yep, using it with

    not to sound like a ****, but is there another service youview works with?

    Ill go take a look at that other thread. funny thing is it actually worked pretty good today. I got notified of 2 emails, of course when I went in to check them I had recieved 3 today... better than usual but not perfect.
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    Well, the auto-download setting isn't the setting you want, it's the backgrounding option. Backgrounding option allows app to run in the background, checking for voice messages (every 5 minutes, I believe). Auto-download will download the message when it finds it, otherwise, it won't download it until you press play on the voice mail.

    Personally, I do not manage the email/text options with Youview, I do it on the web. On the web, there are more options, such as: getting alerts for hangups in addition to missed calls and picking which information is contained in the alert (name, number, and an mp3 of the voicemail).
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    I use Mode Switcher to run Youview every time my Pre resets.

    As long as you run the application at least once every time you boot, it should work fine.

    I am always alerted when I have a new voicemail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maddmatt02 View Post

    not to sound like a ****, but is there another service youview works with?
    gvoice, majic jack, vonage, etc...
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    I had the same issues...
    I removed... Reinstalled and re authorized service..... Seems to be working better now.

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