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    The up volume button on my phone broke and Sprint refuses to replace my Pre over it so I figured i'd take a chance, open up Preware and see if there is an option out there, a patch or anything. I find the patch that adds the media volume slider to the today menu but it doesn't install, IPKG failure. I then search for the word "speaker" on a whim and low and behold, I find SpeakerPhone and it works like a charm!

    Thank you to whoever made this for saving me from only being able to lower my sound and never raising it. I love the homebrew community and anyone thinking of leaving webOS needs to seriously consider how amazing this community is before they go elsewhere.
    Doug Kaplan
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    I just left Sprint due to the volume up not working on my phone. The volume down still would. They took my phone to the back and told me to come back in about an hour. When I returned they had a new phone for me. In addition they gave me the new stock battery and back that came with it. I would try another Sprint store or contact Customer service.
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    @ mamouton

    Thanks for that advice, i'm going to have to try that. The SpeakerPhone app is amazing but I don't want to always rely on software. It's weird because they fixed my headphone jack and in the process, ruined my volume buttons. I do hope I get a new Pre, it's about time, this phone is not working as it should be.
    Doug Kaplan

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