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    Hello everyone. I didn't see a thread similar to this so I thought it might be useful to compare two of the more popular Pod players on the Palm Pre.

    Iíve tried both DrPodder and Podscnatcher. For anyone on the fence. This is my review of both. Hope it helps.

    My first app I used was DrPodder. Originally I left it after a few months because it began to stop podcasts during playback and loose bookmark points. Moving the slider ahead after restart caused lock-ups and restarts of the podcast. Out of frustration, I tried Podsnatcher for a couple weeks. What I learned is that both apps will fail with large podcasts over 30 minutes long. Both loose the bookmark. Both will lock when you pause it and try to resume from the beginning. The only workaround is to download the files before playing. So, for me, download management became a factor in determining my choice of pod playing app.

    Podsnatcher Ė A much prettier appearance and easier UI. I just really prefer the whole look of the app. Podcast searching is better, and the default podcasts are fewer, but better quality. It turned me on to the Buzz Report and Diggnation vid podcasts. The big negatives are that there are no real user preference setup at all. There are no download, view, or update preferences. Also,the biggest one for me, is that file download just wonít work. Well, maybe it does, but I canít tell. When I hit the download arrow, nothing changes for over an hour. I donít know if itís not connecting or what. There is no progress bar. Also, I have to update the feeds all the time because some Podcast feeds show empty, even though when I closed it the last time files where there. This is time consuming, and frustrating.

    DrPodder Ė The bad. Kind of ugly and cluttered. Easy to swipe, or select the wrong file. Podcast directory search is weak. It just canít find anything unless you name it perfectly. Often I have to find the link on the web, then import it. Too many default podcasts, that arenít very useful (in my opinion). Searching for video podcasts is a huge hassle. On the positive, it has useful user preferences that is a huge upswing from Podsnatcher. This biggest sell point for me, it has superior download management. It starts the download of a file quickly and shows a progress bar. I downloaded a one hour podcast in about 5 minutes. I tried to download the same file on Podsnatcher. After an hour, it still didnít complete.

    There you go. I picked DrPodder because of my needs. I will give Podder 4 stars and Podsnatcher 3. I give props to both developers. Both apps are well constructed and have admirable qualities. The first app that can solve the direct playback placeholder issue will get 5 stars from me.

    Please let me know any comments or corrections. Thanks!
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    +1 for drPodder. Downloading works especially well if using wifi. Once 1.4.5 comes and fixes the webOS download issues for certain podcasts, it should be great.
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    I didn't realize the OS was causing download issues. Also, didn't realize 1.4.5 was going to solve it. I have a reason to look forward to more than PDK Apps now. Thanks!
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    I have to say drPodder is a fantastic program. My only complaint is that I keep forgetting that the name starts with "dr" and I start typing "pod" to launch the app. Between drPodder and RadioTIme, life is good with my Pre.
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    First I'll admit that I've only tried drPodder, but the reason is that it works so darned well for me.

    I have a long commute and have tried a number of solutions for managing and listening to podcasts. Hands down, drPodder is the best I've had.

    The management stuff is key. I can set it up to download podcasts only when I have wifi and schedule them for the middle of the night. That means I wake up with a fresh set each morning.

    To me the only downside is the search for new podcasts. That could be better.

    It is very easy, however, to just import an OPML file from a desktop podcatcher. That way you can use a desktop to manage your list. Not perfect, but it works.

    To me the biggest problem with podcast lists is that pretty much iTunes won that war. Everyone lists their podcasts with iTunes and they are very easy to find there. I've uninstalled it as evil bloatware so I can't go in and verify if you can export OPML files from there...

    I have also emailed myself the link for a podcast, then copy and pasted it into drPodder.
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    I voted for PodSnatcher, you know since I develop it

    Please know that I am very into developing and extending the functionality of PodSnatcher, and plan to do so further (see: PodSnatcher - Roadmap - Wahvee Projects Tracker). Bugs are a big issue to me and usually I try to put out fixes within a few days of being notified (the key is actually being notified of such issues).

    Things are just a bit busy as I am purchasing and moving into my first home and just got back from vacation and next week I am starting my MSEE. So I don't have as much free time as I did a few months ago, however, supporting my stuff is especially important to me so if you have comments or questions please email me at support at wahvee dot com

    Love to hear from people who are using my apps.
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