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    I have the free slacker, and it started to stop at their ad. Its a 30 second clip of an ad, but it goes to 30, then hits 31seconds and stops. It wont let me advance to the next song either. It asks me to upgrade. Anyone else have this issue in the past few days?
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    I had this issue yesterday. I figured it was just me
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    I had the same thing happen. With the reggaeton/hip hop station. Only happens when it does 2 commercials of allstate back to back. Once the second one is over it does nothing so I have to throw the card away and have to relaunch the app
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    I had to open a new station then go back into the one i was listening to when it got stuck on the ad to proceed to the next song.
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    A script error perhaps? There is nothing you can really do about it but work around it (i.e. what Norq79 said) and hope they resolve it.

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