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    I have used VLC Remote on iPhone for quite a while with no problems on my PC running Win7 32bit - I have just upgraded the RAM to 8Gb so I installed Win7 64bit.

    Now when I switch the PC on and run VLC remote app, it does not find my PC! (VLC player always starts with windows) If I simply run the VLC Helper software the VLC remote app finds it instantly - Although this isn't what I had to do when it was 32bit.

    I have also tried installing Bonjour 64bit but no change.

    It's not a huge problem as like I said I just have to run VLC Helper to get it to find the PC, but if there is a reason for this I would like to sort it.
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    vlc scans for any bonjour service on the network. When you run the setup helper - that advertises on bonjour, so there will definitely be something that VLC can spot.

    Most computers have something running bonjour anyway (file or printer sharing are most common).

    the solutions are
    1) get something running bonjour
    2) wait for the next vlc update to be approved so you can save your computer (the current one has a bug on multitasking devices). Once saved, you won't need to scan for the computer.
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