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    VLC Remote - How to access Network Dive in OSX

    I put all my media files in a NAS.

    In Windows, I can map the share in NAS with a drive letter and I can easily view it under "Drive" icon in VLC Remote.

    In OSX, i cannot find any networks share in VLC Remote.
    How can I access those shares in my NAS with modia file?
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    vlc remote looks in the /volumes directory when you hit the 'drives' button.

    as far as I can tell, this shows anything that the finder lists as 'devices', but not things that show as 'shared'

    If you use the finder to browse a shared drive, then as soon as you connect to the first directory - then you'll see a shortcut in the /volumes directory. Until then though - you see nothing.

    I guess that's half a solution...
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