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    Joking around the point always helps, of course, until you're crying about how funny the deluge of valueless apps in the catalog is. JFC, grow up.
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    I think the app does do something - it separates you from your money.
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    "A fool and his money are soon parted"

    -Eric G

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    What is really needed is a better app catalog.

    One that lets you set a threshold of what you want to see and blacklist certain publishers.

    Step one is NO ANONYMOUS RATINGS. Seriously, how many apps with 5 star ratings and only anonymous ratings were rated by anyone other than the developer?

    If you want to allow anonymous ratings, then the app catalog viewer needs the option to filter them out.

    If I could set my app catalog to view only 3 stars and above and no anonymous ratings, then I suspect I'd see mostly good apps.
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    The principal of it all is its dishonest..I totally agree with Rob. It does take up space and I'd rather see quality apps than crap like this. We might not have as many apps as the other platforms, but I'd like to continue to have pride in our App Catalog/Preware.
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    Other threads have covered the fake Flash app issue, no need for this post. :]
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    Quote Originally Posted by azumak View Post
    Hey guys, I just noticed there is an app in the beta feed that says it is the Flash 10.1 installer. It has broken English in the description. Installed it and decided not to run it after I saw the launcher name is POSWev, and the icon is the default crescent moon. I am almost positive it is not legit, I won't run it. I wanted to warn you guys, I'm on my Pre or I'd make a thread for it. I have screenshots as well, we should try and ge it pulled from the feed...
    Let's not mix apps that clearly state that they do nothing in the app catalog description, with apps that are fraudulently saying they do something but actually do nothing at all.

    It is two completely separate topics, let's keep them that way.

    There are at least two other existing threads to discuss the new scam apps in the beta and web catalogues today. Let's not bring it into this thread, which is about something completely different.

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    Yes, you're right, rwhitby. I'll take care of my post when I get home. I just wanted to get the word out. I'll seek out the other threads when I have a full computer to do so.
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