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    I just asked Inglorious Apps who has developed a nice app for Flickr

    if he was interested in making a Photobucket app for WebOS and this is his response:

    @TreoRock I could. But it depends on how many people actually use photobucket, and have a #webOS device. My guess is '10'
    So, do we have for than 10 people interested in a photobucket app? I use the built-in photo upload for my pictures, however after they are uploaded there is no way to view them unless I go to the website and spend lots of times getting links and setting up sharing. So an app would be very useful to free some space on my Pre.
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    I am! I post all my pictures on photobucket just for a quick back up. I tried Flickr but it's a limit on how many pictures you post a month! If you asked me there should of been a Photbucket app a long time ago.
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    In case you don't know what photobucket is here is the link:
    Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket

    The nice thing about it is that WebOS has a built-in upload to photobucket option from your picture gallery and you can easily share images one they are uploaded to virtually anywhere...
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    What kind of features are important to you in a Photobucket app? Everything that's in the Plickr app or just some specific things that you'd especially like to be able to do?
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    yes,yes,yes. And american greeting phot shop.
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    Definitely. I really just want to:

    1) View the pics on my account
    2) Send links to the photo / the photo itself via email/IM
    3) Update descriptions of photos

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    absolutely. Photobucket is the only online photo depository I use.
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    I would us a PhotoBucket app as well. It's the only online photo site I use (aside from Picassa very rarely).
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    Count me in...
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    Me Too. Can anyone describe the difference between flickr and photobucket...arent they similar?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lsvteg11 View Post
    Me Too. Can anyone describe the difference between flickr and photobucket...arent they similar?
    They are kind of similar, but Flickr is not part of the built-in upload options in the pictures app of webOS. So, if you take a picture with the camera and view it, you can tap on share and you will see photobucket listed there. If there was a flickr option then it would be nice, but there isn't. Also, photobucket has many sharing options built-in on their website. So it will be sweet when posting pictures to forums that have already been uploaded to photobucket.
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    I'd use a PB app for sure. Their mobile site is severely lacking. haha
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    I would like more apps with multiple functions. A flicker + picasa + photobucket app for ex.
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    I'm down for photobucket app. I don't use flickr, it's twitpic for day-to-day and photobucket for random stuff for me. I kinda wish the Photo app had more of an integration with photobucket, not just uploading.
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    I would have thought there would be lots of people interested in a PhotoBucket app given that it's one of the built in upload options for the photo viewer.
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    I would use it.
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    yeah, I would use one, but not sure I would pay for one. I am starting to loosen up with the money now that Ive been on webOS for a little while, but coming from android where it seems like everything was free, I just dont like paying for things. lol
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    Yes! I tried making one but I don't really understand how APIs work, but you can easily obtain the Photobucket API from their website.

    It'd be especially useful since we can upload already from the photos album, so if I wanna send someone a link to an image in an e-mail or a messaging app, I can upload it then easily obtain it.
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    The other 3 mobile OSs are supported. Adding a nudge might just get us some love.

    create a WebOS application (Palm)
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