View Poll Results: Are you interested in a Photobucket app for WebOS?

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  • What is photobucket?

    5 8.77%
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    Added votes and a comment. COME ON PEOPLE!

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    Voted and commented, FWIW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spader View Post
    Voted and commented, FWIW.

    Me too!
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    They have a dev site. So anyone can go and create an app for it.
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    would be nice
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    <<threads merged>>
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    Voted. Kind of annoying though that I couldn't login with my photobucket username.
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    I added my vote too, but don't forget to voter here. Inglorious Apps may still come out with a photobucket app!
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    voted for a photo bucket app

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    Photobucket!!!! Yes! Please!!!!
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    i would love to see a photobucket app!!
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    Pretty please with cherries on top?

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    I'd love some "multimagehosmanager app" that works with flicker + picasa + photobucket + + well, if you cannot dream, you are not happy!!!

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    id use it
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    Yes! I only use Photobucket and I started using it because of the upload option on the Pre, which is awesome! I've been waiting and hoping for someone to make an app for it.
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    I want a snapfish app. hp can't even make an app for their own service?
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    Quote Originally Posted by T-ulk View Post
    I want a snapfish app. hp can't even make an app for their own service?
    second that
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