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    Should a new Palm phone appear soon, does anyone know if it will be possible to transfer the applications one has already purchased for their current phone onto a new phone?

    I'd hate to lose any investment in apps on a current phone and have to repurchase all my apps just because I moved to a new phone.

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    Yes, you just have to transfer your Palm account to the new phone and all your apps, contacts, and data will transfer to your new phone
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    Yes. When you get a new phone and go through that process of signing in the first time, it will restore most of the information you had on your old phone, including applications. This only works if you sign in to the same profile account (that is, use the same email address).

    You can only use the profile account on one phone at a time so if you plan on keeping your current phone as well as buying the new phone, you'll need to create a new account. As far as I know, there's no way to transfer applications to another profile account.

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