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    Free apps are funny, in that you'll probably end up with the most user demands in such cases. But at least it accomplishes what you probably had intended for it - attract people to your apps.

    Anyway, if you're open to suggestions, I have a few. Incidentally, I played with my brother's iPad and he had a similar app, and I was envious. Thanks for bringing such fun to WebOS.

    Here's what I understand of the present version:

    Fingertips/functions (is this right?)
    1: generates different size yellow-hued dust "downward"
    2: same as above, but also creates a vortex between fingers
    3: two fingers still do as (1) above but in the direction of the third finger. Vortex is around 3rd finger (which doesn't seem to generate dust; hard to see)
    4: all four fingers do as (1) however each makes different colors dust (yellow, green, blue, red)
    5: freezes, some dust start to disappear (or do they always die off? it's hard to tell)

    - with 2 touches, turn off the dust making. After making some dust, I like to simply manipulate what is there.
    - 3 have all three fingers just generate blue, green and red, with the vortex thing still going. Got enough yellow dust already
    - 4: no generation, and have everything freeze. The dust cloud can be made more diffuse or concentrated, even rotated (but still frozen) by moving the four fingers.
    - 5 cool as is
    - 6 it's hard to move 6 fingers around (and the pre seems to have difficultiy registering so many) a small screen, so 6 should just make them disappear, but faster (but not all, like shaking)
    - 7-10 pops up your webpage. :-)

    Thanks for listening,
    Pixi Plus - Pre Plus - Pre 2 - Pre 3 - Touchpad 1 ;-)
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    Thanks for the suggestions!

    Currently the Pre only supports a maximum of 5 fingers, so I've currently maxed out the number of effects.
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    I've been looking at this one, but I can't download it due to 1.4.5
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    Seriously? How do you create a game for Webos called Pixidust and not make it work for the Pixi?

    Are you guys tarded?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdacats View Post
    Seriously? How do you create a game for Webos called Pixidust and not make it work for the Pixi?

    Are you guys tarded?
    How about before you get your panties in a bunch you read this thread:

    The WHOLE thread.

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