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    Is there any app like the bmw app on iphone, where you could get 0-100km/h stats and g forces and so on from the Pre?
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    Wow this is cool if there's one.
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    BMW M : BMW M Power Meter iPhone application
    this is the meter for Iphone, there is one called Adyno for android, but id really like one for my pre !!!
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    There is Drag Stats in the App Catalog, which is a 'paid for' app

    Plus I do remember another app that had Lite & Paid versions which did the same, but can't find it right now.

    Check out the App Catalog for your needs
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    No paid app cat on my pre, i have to resort to "other" ways but if you remember the free app, please reply here with it...
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    There is a free "accelerometer" that might fit your needs in the app catalog.
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