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    I'm running the F105 Thunderchief overclock kernel. Since installing, it's been very stable and very fast, faster than ever before. But, a day or so ago, there was a Govnah update, so naturally I installed it. And now, HOLY CRAP! Since I updated Govnah, this thing is frickin insane, nasty, ridiculous, over the top FAST.
    Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? NOT complaining what so ever, as my Pre has never been faster. I have no idea what's causing it but I like it! The crazy thing is, under moderate to heavy use, the battery life is as good or better than with any of the other kernels I've tried (and I've tried'em all).
    The Saint
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    I wish someone can some how show me how all this works cuz I have had such a hard time keeping the battery temp down to a safe range so I just gave up

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