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    There's a 3D RPG that was mentioned on the front page a week or two back. It's called Crusade of Destiny. Looks like a mini World of Warcraft.
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    Just saw this tweeted: Palm Hot Apps

    Also, the Flame app telling the leader board for the Contest. I already DL'd the #1 apps, look nice!
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    Also, you can check here:
    Palm Hot Apps

    This is the newest HOT APPS promotion for the PDK Apps!!

    Quote Originally Posted by simossoft View Post
    I find some more 1.4.5 PDK-Stuff available in european Catalog:

    Helicopter 3D
    Pocket Fire
    Free Beer
    Pixi Dust
    3D Dice
    Alien Invaders
    Fun with Fractals
    Saber Ultimate

    Puzzle Paint 3D
    Raging Thunder 2
    Multitouch Piano
    Crusade of Destiny
    Smiles Zen
    Smiles Drop
    Ex Zeus Arcade
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    albeit a bad game....the new helicopter 3D is 10,000 times better than say iCopter...which in turn makes iCopter rated 0.0015/100 (in my opinion). offence but c' old flip phone from 5 years ago had better free games
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    I'm just getting into these games also, love the oldie but goodie Tetris, ExZeus Arcade and Pixi Dust... The first two are paid apps, but Pixi Dust is free.
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