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    I was wondering about adult content in the app store...

    Let me preface by saying that it's not my intent to get **** all the time blah blah blah...

    The reason I want to know is there are so many restrictions on the iphone apps that nothing even as racy as Bootie Jiggles could get in.

    Is it possible to have an adult only section of the catalog and allow people to chose their own content?

    Granted I might get a boobie app if a good one was there but it's about censorship than anything to me.

    What do you all think?
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    You might get your wish one day. Stranger things has happen on this forum.

    Keep your finger cross.
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    I think it's only a matter of time with the various "[type of women] Hottie" and "Personal massager/vibrator" apps that are already in the catalog.
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    My guess is that you will not see anything explicit in the catalog at all. No one likes to be known as the Pron platform. Also, this topic might get this thread closed, so please keep it mellow.
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    cue 70's music... bum chicky bum bum..wah wah.. bum chicky bum bum...
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    this is so perverted. Get a GF.
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    Didn't you read the OP, jordan?!

    He doesn't want a GF, he wants boobie appz!
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    We already have one, it's called the web browser. Jfc, there's enough scat in the app catalog as it is. Guys, you're not the only one the phone needs to appeal to, gtf over it.
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    I say HP should have an adult section. Cha Ching!
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    Sorry guys,
    this thread could have easily been kept in line, and yet just as easily went bad real quick.

    P|C, from as early as T|C and VisorCentral, has kept things 'family friendly'

    Besides family friendly, we need to keep it office friendly.
    People at a professional office come here and read our forums.

    It might be hard enough to explain to an employer why we're using company time to browse a tech forum, and more so if the topic becomes 'adult' oriented.

    Thanks for your understanding in this matter.

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