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    Don't know if this is an app request or a patch request. I'm an NPR junkie. I have the Public Radio app on my pre, as well as the Awake2Music app. I'm wondering if there's a way to patch one somehow to allow a user to Awake2NPR or whatever.

    Any thoughts?
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    Are you trying to wake up or go back to sleep to NPR?

    Just kidding. It would be a nice upgrade to some apps that already feature the awake to Pandora feature. I use Timepiece and would also enjoy more "wake to [insert streaming media or music player] app".

    I'd suggest adding it to the reviews. Developers often read the reviews to get new ideas on making there app the latest and greatest.
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    Mode Switcher might solve your problem. There is a very long thread in the Homebrew forum. The first post contains installation instructions, and the developer is very active.
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