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    Of the current generation smartphones out there, the Pre seems to be the only one that is set up for true synchronizing between the phone and your desktop. And I just can't figure out why nobody has written this program yet.

    All I want is a checkbook registry program (ala Pocket Quicken or Ultrasoft's Money) that can actively synchronize with the desktop version of the program. I'll go out and buy Quicken if that's the desktop program it'll sync to. I had it for my old Palm/Treo, going back to my old Palm VII: why can't I have it for my Pre? Or a Droid or an iPhone? It's getting to the point that I'll seriously consider switching phones just to get that ability back.

    This past winter I had insufficient funds in a bank account for the first time in close to 10 years because I didn't know I had to move money from one account to another, all because I lost the convenience of having a checkbook registry on my handheld.

    Running Ultrasoft Money on Classic doesn't help me, unless you have a solution to the Palm Desktop/Windows 7 problem (I believe I heard that there isn't going to be any work done on fixing the incompatibilities between those two programs).

    I don't want a kludge, like the iPhone's "email the QIF file to your desktop and then email back the QIF file to your iPhone" sync "solution". I want an honest-to-goodness synchronizing-to-my-desktop-over-WiFi setup. If you can do it as a cloud sync, great. I'm past caring about the details: just make it work, dammit.
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    I had the same problem but I've been using the free app clearcheckbook. It doesn't sync with a desktop version but a server however you can transfer the data to your desktop if needed. If you pay for the service you can get more detail and options. It's not perfect but it has served my purposes well.
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    I'm sorry, but that just doesn't work for me. We have checkbook registry programs, we have synchronizing programs. I realize there may be proprietary information to make the handheld unit sync with the desktop, but there aren't any technical challenges to it working, are there?

    WADR to the Clear Checkbook people, no matter how trustworthy they are, I'm not putting my account information in the hands of any third party if I can help it. And even if I were okay with it, it's still a kludge. I don't want a kludge. I want a handheld checkbook registry that syncs wirelessly with the registry program on my desktop. Period. It's not a difficult mission statement. I understand and appreciate that it'll take a lot of work on a programmers part to make it work, but I'm willing to pay for it. Just make it work!
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    Quickbooks online + Quickbooks mobile website? I don't really understand why people still do local syncing especially with the mobile banking sites plus the way they can sync (Quickbooks with BofA for example) with 3rd party apps.
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    I'll give the Quickbooks/Quickbooks Mobile (is there a Quicken version? Quickbooks is a little "bigger" than I want to deal with, though I've worked with it for work before) a shot, but I'd honestly prefer an on-device option. I travel a fair amount to where I don't get service, and being able to use my checkbook registry in all situations, not just when I have an internet connection, would be better for me.

    Call me old fashioned, but I prefer actual ownership and possession rather than farming it out. I'd much rather have a 1 TB harddrive on my computer rather than having 2 TB of online storage and a glorified netbook, for example.
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    SFang I understand the data ownership issues, and wanting control, but banking has changed over the last few years. Microsoft is never going to make a new version of Money. My bank, Wells Fargo stopped syncing with Money about a year ago. Banks don't want to connect to, and support 3rd party software. They would rather have a direct connection to you the customer through their website, or phone app.

    The stand alone consumer acct software is going the way of the dinosaur. Money is basically dead. Any copies still running are zombies by now. Quicken is trying to transition their customers to Quicken Online.

    I understand if you have a business you still need to do your acct on software. I'm only talking personal accounts in this reply.

    I loved Money for years. But when WF stopped the syncing, I read up on the business. I reevaluated what I really wanted to get out of my banking, what kind of data I really needed, and how I could reduce paper to a minimum.

    I signed up on Mint CANNOT send any kind of info, changes,... To your bank or CC accts. It is strictly read only. The only thing it can do is download a file with your transactions and balances. It cannot change anything and doesn't have your account numbers. It has an approved sign on that you give to them. It just requests the file that goes with the accounts that are associated with you. It has no direct access to the account itself.

    On the website you can see all of your bank and credit card accounts in one place.

    Wells Fargo created a really great webOS app. It is sincerely great. Very easy to use. Making transfers and online bill pays from the phone app are super quick and easy. Transfers are a simple. To make an Payee for online bill pay, you have to sign onto your acct on the web, but the Palm browser does that fine. Once the payee is in there, you can select it from a list and make payments through the app.

    You can sign up to get a lot of your bills and statements sent directly to you bank's online banking. When you sign into bill pay, you can see your statements, when they are due and make payments. I put most of my bills on auto pay. The cable, electricity, gym, Netflix, phone, ... Anything that is really consistent in cost. You can set a threshold like -
    Pay my phone bill if it is $75 or less. If it is more, contact me.

    I realized I was giving myself way too much work with my home accounting. I used to input all my cash receipts and save them! Never, in 15 years, have I ever needed that data. (I used to be a bookkeeper so I kept my books like a business). I still hold onto the receipts, but I don't track them, and I get rid of them a year later.

    I use my debit card when ever possible and that creates a transaction that I can see in the Bank app, on and on the web. I pay all my bills (except one) through online bill pay. I only write one check a month.

    So, I'd like to encourage you to really review what you NEED from your accounting, then see if the web services might meet those needs faster, and easier. I hope you can find some areas you can cut and get some time back.

    I understand exactly where you are coming from though. I was totally you a year ago.

    Good luck.
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    I know I wrote a hell of a lot. I just want to help you, you sounded so frustrated. I just wanted to make sure it was clear that I was just sharing what worked for me. I know everyone is different and you might not be in a position to do any of the stuff I recommended.

    Ok, l'll shut up now
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    If you use online banking all your Bank data is already in the cloud. Chances are your bank has your info already accessible online even if you don't use online banking. (Depends on bank)

    Sorry I meant Quicken the first time. Chances are it integrates with your bank online.
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    FWIW, I'm using Ultrasoft Money in Classic and it works great for me - even syncs wirelessly. I'd be lost without it. My stuff is way to complicated for just syncing with one bank. I also have the Wells Fargo app and can say it is helpful but I usually do actual online banking at home.
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    What specific Palm Desktop/Windows 7 problem are you referring to? I'm still on Vista myself, but from what I've read the one major issue is with 64-bit Windows 7 and even there it's just USB sync that is broken, both network and Bluetooth work. I went from using PocketQuicken on a real Centro/USB sync to Classic on a Pixi and network sync without any problems.

    I, too, very much need a desktop program rather than something in the cloud. The problem with all of the online offerings for me is that they are worthless if you're an investor particularly if you invest in individual stocks and bonds rather than mutual funds. I need all my accounts in one place and it does seem as if the trends in personal finance software are to make it pretty and dumb...
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