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    Mods, please merge this thread with another one if it has already started (I didn't see one)...

    So on this last day of the 1/2 off sale, I did some last minute shopping and picked up:

    • Asphalt 5
    • Bible Reader Plus
    • Congress
    • Jewel Quest 3 World Adventures
    • Mundu IM
    • Photo Effects Plus
    • Scratch
    • SecuStore

    So what has everyone else been picking up in their last minute shopping?
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    Yesterday I picked up Kopfnuss. It's a cool memory game. I was contemplating Scrabble; however it's gotten some bad reviews. I'm not sure if I'll take the plunge.
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    i want angry birds i played it on friends iphone4 =(
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkzone View Post
    i want angry birds i played it on friends iphone4 =(
    I feel pretty confident its coming. The developer themselves initiated contact with the community asking if there was interest in a webOS version, they have a video out showing an early version running on the Pre. We just have to make sure they know it would be eagerly accepted (and bought) by the webOS community.
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    I don't know what to get! I've been trying to pick some good ones out, but really all I've been doing is delaying my purchase...
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    I bought:
    Auction Mate Pro
    Digloo -->Best value. Awsome app
    WiFi Media Sync. --> not that impressed. It's really 1-way sync and basically makes duplicates if your using it for media back-up. I bought it mainly because it's cheap and the free 2.0 upgrade that's supposed to support a more true-er 2-way and possibly OS X support.
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    nothing all apps are horrible they're only like 10 good ones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jordan23945bulls View Post
    nothing all apps are horrible they're only like 10 good ones.
    They're huh?

    If all apps are horrible, how could there be 10 good ones?
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    and wifi media sync all yesterday

    think the wife may be picking up a game (can't remember which one), I think it's bubble blaster or something like that

    was thinking about paratrooper but not sure if I wanna spend any more money until I see what comes out with full PDK support and when palm gets caught up with app approval
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    Yesterday I got Trackit Deluxe and today I got Congress.

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    well I am kinda ****ed that the half off sale is ending and I was not able to buy a single 3D game for the pixi because sprint did not release 1.4.5 for pixi, I think palm should extend the half off sale, the issue is theirs as well due to the fstab bug.

    sprint you are a bunch of =)--%1- for not releasing, that fstab bug is in no way a show stopper, but you have nobody on staff that can explain the issue apparently.
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    it seems to still be half off ..

    adventurebook! Lol
    auctionmate pro
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    so I had also bought notes earlier in the half off sale

    and last night picked up
    and paratroopers
    both good apps in the 15 minutes or so I have spent with each so far.
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    Last day of the sale (yesterday) I bought:

    Uber Radio
    Pronto Dial
    Reverse Phone lookup
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    Over the last couple of days I got:
    Brain Challenge
    Wifi Media Sync w/2-Way Sync
    Asphalt 5
    Castle of Magic
    Bumper to Bumper
    Pack 'n' Track

    I just noticed that the prices were still half off (Noon EST, 7/24), so I just picked up AuctionMate Pro on sale too.

    Need to stop! :-)

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