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    So I bought the vlc remote thinking maybe I needed the pro version to do what I wanted.

    Basically I have about 700 or so directories (each an album) in my music folder. I can use the remote to add and play one album at a time but it seems like everytime I try to add the entire folder, either through the vlc player itself or through the phone interface, it simply stops being responsive. It will indicate there is no playlist and that there isn't a vlc running on the computer.

    All I really want to do is shuffle all off my songs and skip when I see fit via remote. Am I just not being patient enough? Is there something I'm doing wrong?

    All that aside, I can still play an album as I see fit via the playlist browser, so kudos, that's pretty sweet for 2.50 by itself.
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    No, you don't need the pro version to get rid of this problem. I don't think they intentionally crippled the application so you couldn't enjoy your full playlist if you don't purchase the pro version.

    Must be a bug.

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