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    I just went to use my Palm Pre (Verizon) and everything has changed!!!

    My contacts, email, and calendar are still there. But it seems that all apps that I had installed or purchased have vanished.

    I rooted over a month ago and have been using Preware for a long time. Today I updated to Preware 1.2.4 (or whatever the latest version on the beta feed was today) but that was this morning and I had no issues.

    The only apps left are the ones that originally came with the phone, plus any web cards that I have added.

    Interestingly, my 5 pages that I have set up for apps are still there, and I think the installed patches may still be there as I have an option on launcher to add a page (which I think was a patch I installed).
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    OK. I did a reset and restart and the apps are there....but all on the first page!

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