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    OnStar moves onto the phone - Jul. 22, 2010

    OnStar is creating an APP for Apple and Android. Very cool access to most OnStar services and remote start.

    For those of you that have OnStar - write/call them and ask them to create one for us WebOs users as well!

    I'm going to, love OnStar would be killer on WebOs!
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    I would love something like this!!! I'm seriously looking at the new Cruze and this would be something amazing to bring to webOS! Where do we voice our opinion?
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    They also have an app for the Chevy Volt for those phones as well, pretty cool stuff. Lets you check how much charge is in the car and can tell it what times to charge (off peak cheaper). Some good stuff from GM.
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    Yeah, I read about this awhile back. It's really cool; I wish I had it for my car, but alas, I don't think we'll see it anytime soon. I hope I'm wrong though, really wrong.
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    I too am looking at the chevy cruze and would love this!!

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