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    Airplanes! is a fun new game from WizardApps where you take the role of an air traffic controller. Using your finger, guide the planes, helicopters, and other flying craft to their respective runways. Airplanes! offers many ways to play the game with 5 types of airplanes, 5 types of helicopters, and a mysterious air vehicle which you unlock at the end of the campaign. The campaign spans 8 unique airports, each one unlocked for play in unlimited mode after you land the required number of airplanes. Once unlocked, you can compete for a global high score and claim your title of traffic controller master.

    After the campaign, the fun doesn’t stop—a complete level editor and online community allow you to create your own airports and share them with the world. Within the level editor you can choose a number of different backdrops and place the scenery and runways with a drag and drop interface. Once you are done, upload it to Airplanes! Online to share it with the world. Not only can you upload your own levels, but you can download and view the levels that others have created. You can filter the levels by when they were created and how popular they are. Each level has its own high score leader board as well so that you can track how you stack up against the author and the rest of the world.

    Download ($1.99)
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    I just submitted an update to the Palm App Catalog to fix a couple of minor bugs. It should be available shortly.
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    So guys is this app worth it? Anyone have it? Hows it compare to airtraffic lite?

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    compared to air traffic lite: airplanes has more levels with more combonations of aircraft. It is quite a bit harder and the difficulty scales up faster than in air traffic lite (my high score in air traffic is more than 300, in airplanes I can barely get 30). Also airplanes has a global leader board and customizable levels. However, air traffic lite seemed a bit smoother to me because airplanes sometimes does not accept my flight path/approach.
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    Thanks I'll give it a go!

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    PLEASE, make this for pixi, I have been waiting to buy Air Traffic, but I don't think it's ever going to happen
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    please make the difficulty of the game increase more slowly. every level slowly ramps up in hardness then bam! there is 10 or 20 planes on the screen at once and game over. the airplanes type game on iphone is fun because you can sit there and play each level for a long time with the difficulty increasing slowly or not at all after a certain point. gets pretty frustrating playing this game when evertime you get to about 25 or 30 planes it becomes nearly impossible to play.

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