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    So, here it is for your entertainment: a quality lightsaber for WebOS.

    Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | Saber Ultimate.

    It offers what a lightsaber should offer (including fullscreen zooming in), and it's responsive! I wrote it from the ground up with the PDK, for fun because I wasn't satisfied at all with the earlier SDK solutions.

    If you want to play your own (e.g. original Star Wars) music, you can since version 1.9!! Visit the support website for instructions, it's fast and simple:

    This is of course just a fun app, I just hope you are having fun with it.. and since I wouldn't charge for this kind of apps it's free. But I've spent a lot of time designing with Photoshop as well as optimizing it for CPU and memory consumption. If you pause the app, CPU consumption goes down to 0.0

    I hope you like it, but you'll need WebOS 1.4.5
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    Looks awesome. I cant wait to download it (when 1.4.5 comes out, hopefully before Christmas
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    Update to version 1.0.

    I've added a button for more sounds, played randomly! You can turn this on by tapping on the dices, it gives you a little more variety

    I've also improved the sensitivity, and added a switch. The new sensitivity is the medium setting and shouldn't be over-responsive anymore. The old sensitivity is the high (+1) setting, -1 is very low and it's hard to get the clashing sound.

    However, I'm thinking about making the medium setting standard and removing the switcher, because +1 and -1 are not exactly "easy-to-use" settings. Feedback is appreciated.

    Another small update is in the works, thank you very much for your positive feedback in the reviews

    PS to my American friends: Man, I really hope you will get that 1.4.5 update soon!
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    So, Sprint users finally have WebOS 1.4.5 (What about ATT/Verizon though...).

    An update to version 1.1.0 was submitted a few days ago, offering a separate settings display and a cleaner UI! But there's more to come, watch out for updates :-)

    Thanks a lot for your very positive reviews so far guys, I appreciate it! Afterall, I'm just a student doing this for fun in my rare free time, because I just love WebOS.. :-)
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    BTW My son loves playing with this app on my phone.
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    this app is sick!!

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    I applaud this app. Not only for being an awesome lightsaber app, but also for being almost guaranteed the top Hot Apps prize.
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    very good saber app
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    I rate this app 4/5, because it doesn't cause a real saber to burst from the top of my Pre. :P

    No really, 5/5 after that new update! Keep working on the sensitivity and speed of response, otherwise it's pretty good.
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    Come on 1.4.5... I am missing out on so many cool apps.
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    My dream in life is to have a good lightsaber app so that I can go around challenging people to a light saber battle!!! Come one 1.4.5!!! I need to battle!!!
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    I no longer use these apps after hurling my phone at the wall,
    the force wasn't with me that day.
    Pre|central Peacekeepers
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    I have two suggestions, years ago the Force Effects people had a Light Saber construction kit, which was pieces that you could mix and match to make your own Light saber handle. How about something like this for the app. I know that it doesn't matter much since the handle is a small picture in the app, but I think this would put the app over the top.

    My second suggestion is for the color of the beam, you show a color wheel, but when you click on it, we have a limited selection of color of what has been seen in the movies. How about an option to use a color wheel to make custom colors, again I feel this would be a good addition to the app.
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    Picking your own colour would be cool, maybe you could have the camera flash go off when we "hit" something.
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    This app rocks! Especially when you run the Vader Breath app with it.
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    This was fun to break out while watching Return of the Jedi last night.
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    how bout being able to play the theme song with it....and "duel of the fates"...

    also different white and black....until then ill use green

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    Thank you, also for your suggestions!

    I'm on vacation right now for another week, internet is hard to access here (you have to do something else from time to time )

    When I'm back I'll work on another update, e.g. I want the settings to be saved when the app is closed. I would also love to turn on/off the saber by sliding the phone, but Palm still has to integrate that into the PDK ;-)
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    This is definitely the best Sabre app for webOS - very fun, thank you greatly!

    If you are looking for ideas for further development fun: I like the idea of a button to play a related song from the app to add to the excitement. Have you considered resizing the overall light sabre when not full screen to go the full length of the screen (or is it that small to make it work on the pixi?)? I like how it burst the color when you hit, but the burst as of now is very faint. Here's an idea from left field: incorporate something like the star field app to be behind the lightsabre and have the stars streak during swings? Add a lightning button, which switches off the lightsabre and causes bolts of lighting to spread accross the screen in the evil fasion. I like your slider open/close idea as added pre feature. Well, thats enough for now...I like it the way it is, just wanted to make sure if you wanted more ideas to consider, that I'd help populate the list. Take care.
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    Back from vacation, and even though I should take care of my studies, the next version is on its way! All settings will be saved when you exit the app, so if you prefer the red color and the Darth Vader handle, you will be able to use it immediately after the next start. Also, I used the forward-gesture for switching between the available colors. That will work in fullscreen mode as well.

    By the way, I'm listening thankfully to your suggestions! Handle and blade will be bigger in the version I'm working on right now. Also (and I know this is a big request), I would love to implement a theme-song button. Technically, that's quite easy. However, this is a copyright/licensing issue. I can't just include a StarWars mp3... unfortunately, as you know I love free stuff . If someone knows a way, please don't hesitate to tell me, e.g. a royalty-free theme song or something like that.
    By the way, Saber Ultimate is not interrupting any playing music (on purpose). So you could just play the theme-song in the music app and do some multitasking!

    And now, just a small foretaste: I just tested a nice glowing animation of the saber!

    PS: Thank you for your ideas mjsmiley!
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