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    Rovio Mobile is the company who made angry birds. They're thinking about making it for webos! They're considering it!

    "Wondering if we should do Angry Birds for Palm WebOS? Any fans out there?"
    -Rovio Mobile

    Go on twitter and reply to their tweet! You can find them at: Matthew Wilson (RovioMobile) on Twitter

    Tweet as fast as you can!!!!!!

    or....sign up here to show your support... Angry Birds for Palm
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    just tweeted, pretty sure that was my first time I ever tweeted.
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    nice job
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    damn I don't tweet or I would be all over it.... my buddy and my mom both have that game, would be great for the PDK hot apps, as well as the new PDK that makes it easy to port games for iPhone to WebOS (has anyone mentioned this to them on twitter or via e-mail etc?
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    Nice find Louis6279!
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    I went the old guy (I'm only 28) way and e-mailed em from my Pre. =)
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    I must say that when I clicked on this thread, I was expecting actual angry birds....

    I tweeted anyway, but I thought you should know I was dissapointed.
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    tweeting sounds dirty :P. What exactly is angry birds?
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    There is an update. It seems we got enough tweets. Here's what Rovio said:

    'Seems like quite a few people would like Angry Birds on Palm WebOS..."

    That sounds like a good sign, right?
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    LOL KEEP TWEETING or E-mailing if you don't tweet! I thru out the whole less competition than android even though it may be a smaller user base you can pull better profit. and the PDK ability to port apps (I did it in a much more professional way than I just posted though).
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    I Love That Game!!!!
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    keep tweeting! i want angry birds on my palm pre!
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    what are angry birds?
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    its a game for the iPhone.

    watch this
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    I want!
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    tweeted! will buy it if the dev gets around to it!
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    Just checked angry birds on looks pretty freaking awesome i would definitely buy it.
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    Yep! Awesome game, I just tweeted! (I'm @verwon)
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    fun game! Tweet people! .. Might get it 50% off if they start on it soon!
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    I love my Pre :P

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