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    ok, don't get too excited (like I obviously am now), because the app is still beta, and the funtionality is not fully baked..

    but the BFG Maps app seems to have some very limited Google Street View support. I was futzing around and sort of accidentally found myself in full, scrollable street view.
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    where did you find this app?
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    Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | Mobile apps that go further.

    BFGMaps is a google maps application that will have many features that the version that comes with WebOS did not include. **Initial Street View(Drag Pegman, does not work too well yet, will make it pull a location soon) Initial Position Lookup, new position marker, Layout Changes, Consolidated Layers, Added Menu, Driving Directions(Only Text Version at the moment), Metric/Imperial work, walking, bicycle, driving work** This first initial beta does not have many features yet but does include GPS, Traffic, Google Buzz Items, and some Foursquare Venues, Bike Lanes, Text Driving Directions. Many features are planned and feature requests are welcome at kernelsandirs[at] This beta will serve as a document of my progress as there should be somewhat frequent releases with this app(well as time permits on my end) Please do not review this app at the moment as I know many things are not working 100% etc...
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    I just installed this. Wow. Brings up Google Maps 11 times quicker then the actual native Google Map "application" does. That in it self has me sold.

    I see the street view icon but can't seem to make it happen.....
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    yeah, the locate time is lickety-split fast. That rocks.

    some more observations about street view. When you move the yellow guy onto the map, it takes forever to render. Possibly minutes. Be patient.

    I was dissapointed that once in street view I was able to scroll, but not travel. For the heck of it, I turned it sideways to see if it supports landscape... Yes it does!... And what's more, you can travel while in landscape mode. Awesome!!!
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    I dont see street view...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Black View Post
    I don't see street view...
    Little yellow guy, upper left hand corner. Just like the regular web version. That said I can't seem drag him anywhere.

    Edit...I just got it into street view but don't really know how. I was dragging and clicking everywhere and Bam! Street view.
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    I am also having problems dragging the little man to the location I want. Also, when I get into streetview, I am having trouble closing in out because of the rounded corner of the screen. That being said, this appears to be a very promising app.
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    I just sent the developer an e-mail and asked him to join us in here.

    What perplexes me is why aren't these features available in the native app? Palm's fault? Google? ...and more importantly, what makes the native app so appallingly slow to open and get a fix when compared to this app?
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    And it does landscape as well. This reminds of google maps on my 755 same interface and default to CA. I love it.
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    awesome app. Once the features are optimized and speedy, it will be a must have.
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    Hey there folks, My name is Tim Geiges I am the developer on BFGMaps, I don't have a lot of time to chat yet this morning, but I want to say thanks for the feedback and suggestions, when I have time I am working hard to make this app useful, and featureful. Also I am very interested in implementing features based on your feedback.

    known issues:
    street view, very difficult to use at the moment and is not moble friendly yet
    dragging map snaps back to your location when gps is on.
    when buzz or foursquare layers are on it is very slow to drag map.
    directions need a lot of work, and routes are not yet drawn on map.

    so I think I need to focus on getting good ways of utilizing directions, but all these cool requests keep showing up and I have ADD when it comes to these :-)

    anyway I will be around and you can email me as well

    talk to you soon,
    Tim G.
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    Welcome, Tim. Congrats on creating an app with lots of potential!
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    Welcome Tim. It looks like its going to be a great app. Although the gps on any app with this phone is buggy maybe you can find a way to solve the 1 mile mistakes in this one.......thanks for your work.
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    Wow. I can't wait to see where this goes. I would love to see you add a Public Transit Option under directions.
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    Hi Tim, thanks v. much for developing the awesome app.
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    would have been a good thing to have... if I could download it. Sadly I'm outside "the Palm zone"
    WebOS still makes sense.
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    Yes I am having a difficult getting street view as well. The yellow man icon does not move for me at all. That being said, I love how fast the map opens. Great job and I look forward to more updates!
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    This is really useful, especially for seeing traffic data. I also got StreetView to work temporarily.
    However it really needs search functionality. When it can search, it will totally be able to replace the native app.
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    Better street view coming this afternoon
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