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    Yukon Example:

    Here's one that I would really appreciate that may not be too hard to implement. But it's not compatible with all the existing options:

    In my Treo solitaire game (called "solitaires" and distributed by some Russians, I think) you had the option of highlighting the legal moves. So, for example, in Yukon, instead of highlighting the cards that could be put on the foundations if they were on bottom, it would highlight the cards that could be the top of a block that you move elsewhere.


    1: Ah
    2: 7c,Kc,7h,8c,Ks
    3: As,2c,Qd,2s,5h
    4: Jh,Qs,4c,4h,4s
    5: 9h,3h,10s,3s,7d
    6: 5s,8s,6c,2h,Jc
    7: 6d,3c,7s,8h,5c

    Currently, you highlight the two visible aces.

    What I want to see instead is highlighting on the ones I've bolded. The red 4c can go on the 5c, the black 4 can go on the 5h, the red 3 can go on the 4s, and the 6c can go on the 7d.

    I really liked that feature, and usually used it. So I find it really distracting that all these cards I can't use (in this case, the two aces) are highlighted, and the ones I want to look at aren't.

    You must be figuring out the legal moves anyway, so perhaps that wouldn't be a super hard addition. You even have an option ("highlight legal moves") that I expect to do that, but it doesn't.

    I suppose if you highlighted in different ways you could do both "highlight legal moves" and also "highlight lowest card", but it might be simpler to make the user pick one, the other, or neither.

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    I suppose I could change the preferences a bit so that you have a list of options... So instead of on and off, you'd have none/next card/legal moves.

    This shouldn't be too hard, but the logic will be different from game to game. I'll have to think about it a bit.

    (I moved this to it's own thread so it doesn't get lost)
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    If you are seriously considering this, I would be happy to give you similar examples of what cards I would like highlighted in the other games I play. (Spider, Freecell, Gaps). Actually, this may be what's highlighted already in Gaps.

    I'm not sure the idea makes sense in the "delete two cards that match" games, like pyramid. I guess it sort of makes sense in Golf, where you are matching to one card. Let me know if you'd like examples for the games where it does make sense, though.
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    I am considering it. The option will just be different depending on the game. For some of the games like golf or pyramid the option will probably just not be shown at all. The current highlighting option is already hidden for games it doesn't make sense in.

    I'd love to get suggestions about what you think the highlighting should do. This will also give others a chance to make suggestions. I'd love to improve the highlighting as much as I can.

    The one thing to keep in mind is that some of the calculations may be expensive. When I originally added the option to highlight the lowest card I ran into trouble. It slowed the game down a lot. I ended up spending a lot of time optimizing it. I'll need to be careful to not let that happen again.
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    2h, 5c, 3d, *

    1: Ah,6d,Ks,4d,4s,9h
    2: Qs,3c,9d,4h,7c,Ac,5s
    3: Ts,2d,Th,3s,Kh,Qc
    4: Jd,5h,6h,7d,8s,9s,8h
    5: 8c,7h,Jh
    6: 8d,2c,Kc,Qd,JsJsJs,$Td$
    7: 5d,Tc,4c,2s,Qh,6s
    8: 3h,9c,7s,Kd,6c,Jc
    Not worth highlighting that every "top" card can go on the free cell, that's just distracting. In this situation, the only lower card that can be moved is the 9s.

    A few moves later, and there are decisions to make:

    *, 5s, *, *

    1: Ah,6d,Ks,4d,4s,9h,8s,7d,6s,5h,4c,3d
    2: Qs,JsJsJs,$Tc$
    3: Ts,2d,Th,3s,Kh,Qc,Jd
    4: 9d,8c,7h,6c,5d
    5: Qh,Jc
    6: 8d,2c,Kc,Qd,JsJsJs,$Td$,$9s$,$8h$,$7c$,$6h$,5c,4h,3c,2h
    8: 3h,9c,7s,Kd

    Again, I wouldn't bother indicating that every top card can go in a free cell.
    Also, I don't think it's worth highlighting the purple cards that can be moved to the empty space, but this is debatable.
    I'm certain I want to highlight the red cards that can be trivially moved onto another card. The Qs on the Kd, or the 9d on the Tc.
    You might also want to highlight the yellow cards that can be moved non-trivially. That is, I can move the 9h on the Tc, but to do so, I have to build a temporary stack in the open space. The auto-play lets me do this. But is it too much of a hint to have highlighting telling me I can do it, or should I have to figure that out? I think I vote "no highlight", but I'm not certain.
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    This one is less ambiguous than FreeCell.

    1: Kh,Qh
    2: 6h
    3: 4c,3c
    4: Qc
    5: 8c,7h
    6: 6c
    7: Tc
    8: 5h,4h,3h,2h
    9: 7h
    10: Kc,Qc

    Every card that can be moved is highlighted. (Unless I made a mistake)

    A couple of moves later:
    1: Kh,Qh
    2: 9h
    3: 4c,3c
    4: Qc
    5: 8c,7h,6h,5h,4h,3h,2h
    6: 6c
    7: Tc
    8: 8h
    9: 7h
    10: Kc,Qc

    Every card that can be moved is highlighted. The 8c can be put on the 9h, but not until after you move the 7h that sits atop it, so that is not highlighted. If you have an empty space, all the free kings are highlighted.
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    This one is easy enough that I won't bother drawing the board. Just highlight all the cards in the tableau that can immediately be discarded. I probably wouldn't bother using this feature in Golf, but it "works" unambiguously, so if it's not hard to implement throughout, I'd make it an option.
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    already implemented, but called "highlight lowest card"
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    You could highlight every available card that has an available mate. I don't think you'd hit any inconsistencies or snags.
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    upcard 9h
    foundation: Ac, Ah

    1: Kc
    2: 5c,4d,3c
    3: 4h
    4: Ts
    5: Kd
    6: 2d
    7: 2c

    highlight every card that can legally be moved onto another card or an empty space (kings) or the foundation.

    Here, the 9h can go on the Ts, the 3c can go on the 4h, the 2d can go on the 3c, and the 2c can go on the Ac.
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    I've never played Aces Up or Canfield, and don't know the rules, so I have no suggestions for those ones.
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    I like the idea of all legal moves being highlighted. I need to play most of the games more to cite specific examples but I do recall in few games so far I overlooked a play and not realizing it until I've made quite a number of plays.
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