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    Our philosophy is Golden Rule based: we try to treat others, especially our customers, as we'd like to be treated. Our goal is to produce apps that make people's lives a little easier in one way or another.

    If you email us, we'll personally respond. Maybe not within minutes since we have lives to live beyond WebOS & mikagika, but hopefully within 24 hours. Even if that's "how do I delete this app?"--a question we've fielded more than once. I think we might have not responded to an email once that said "this app is ".

    However, even better is if you can figure out the app without having to email for support. To that end, in all our apps we include a FAQ under the Help application menu item. Hopefully the FAQ will answer any questions that come up while using the app, but if it doesn't certainly feel free to email us. Some apps have more extensive how-to documentation included with them as well.

    When it comes to application pricing--we don't want to (and frankly won't) spend more than a few dollars on an application that's running on our phone. Unless maybe it's really, really important to us. And free would be better. But developers have to make money somehow, either by charging for the app or by placing ads in the app or by selling add-ons.

    So far our pattern has been to release free ad-supported versions of most of our apps along with paid versions that delete the ads and usually add one or two non-critical features as well. In short, the free versions should have almost all the functionality so you can see that the app does (or does not) suite your needs. And if it suites all your needs, and you don't mind the ads, then there you go! And if an ad occasionally catches your eye and you click through to see the details from our sponsor, all the better for us. But if you don't like the ads or you want those extra features, then we think are apps are priced fairly, and appreciate you buying the upgrade.

    Frankly, we're not making a whole lot of money on this venture and could possibly better optimize the revenue flow. But we think this particular model is the way we'd like to be treated as customer, so we're reluctant to change it.

    I like to learn by looking at other people's code, so to that end we have not been shipping our code minified or obfuscated. It's possible that minification might reduce the code size by a few KB, but then other devs couldn't look at it. I'm not saying my code is the best ever--far from it, I haven't been a JavaScript developer for all that long. But if you're a dev and you want to look at our code to see how we did something, feel free. Just don't steal wholesale portions of our code to make a competing app--that's just bad mojo! On the other hand, if there's a technique that you can apply to your app--feel free to do so.

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    excuse my ignorance but, who are "you" "we" "our", and what apps are we talking about?
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    ...oh, the vCrumbs guy! ;-) I've been playing around w/ the full version, (come on, when an app is under 2 bucks, it's hard to be too "let-down")

    VCrumbs works well, too bad the Pre has a flakey GPS, ...not your fault. So far, so good, but off-topic , I know... ;-/ sorry.
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    you should include your apps in your signature.. Theres over 2000 apps in the Canadian catalog, i dont check them all out, for obvious reasons, but when i see it in a precentral members signature, its more likely that i download it...
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I am brand-new at this and will try to get up to speed quickly.
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