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    roll-a-doodle (and it's upgrade: roll-a-doodle +) is a simple drawing app that is accelerometer driven. You simply roll a ball that leaves a colored trail by tilting the phone. You can save doodles too--the plus version lets you save up to 10, the free version only 2. The plus version also lets you change the preferences which allows you to change the background color and hide the ball.

    I think the most requested feature is an export feature. Of course, you can take a screen shot of your masterpiece with Alt-Sym-P, but there currently isn't any sort of built-in native conversion possible.

    Children seem to enjoy this app--possibly similar to the way children (of all ages) seem to enjoy the Etch-a-Sketch. Personally I've always found that toy to be frustrating because all I can draw are squares and stairs! I'm not saying I'm any great artist with roll-a-doodle, but I find it less frustrating that an Etch-a-Sketch, so that's something.

    Somewhat surprisingly, roll-a-doodle has been our most popular app. Surprising, because I mostly wrote it over Christmas vacation when I realized nobody had done an accelerometer-based painting program yet.

    If you have kids, it might be worth noting that roll-a-doodle makes no noise!
    We are not responsible for what your kids might do to your phone though, so exercise good judgement. And if you have more than 2 kids you might want to upgrade to roll-a-doodle+ so they can all have their own memory slot.
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