View Poll Results: How well does GPS work (in any application) for you?

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  • Great! I almost always have a GPS lock accurate within a few yards (meters).

    1 33.33%
  • OK, I almost always have a GPS signal, but sometimes it seems way off.

    0 0%
  • Frustrating--my GPS signal is frequently not available or way off.

    1 33.33%
  • What GPS? It might as well not even be there for as well as it works.

    1 33.33%
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    vCrumbs was our first WebOS app, written mostly just to get a feel for the process. It lets you drop virtual bread crumbs that you can later map, or find your way back to. Most importantly, if you drop a crumb at your car, when you want to find your way back to it, it will sense which direction you're walking and give you a display an arrow to point you towards your car.

    Unfortunately, I've had pretty much nothing but trouble with the Pre GPS, and it seems like I'm not alone in this. Sometimes it works brilliantly, then other times it doesn't work at all. Yesterday driving to somebody's house I hadn't visited before, it Sprint Navigator completely lost the GPS signal and I had to pull over and pull out the old-fashioned analog map. Rebooting often seems to improve the GPS's ability to work, but that's not exactly a convenient solution.

    So while I have some ideas for multiple improvements in vCrumbs, my enthusiasm for GPS-based apps in general is somewhat low due to the spotty GPS functionality, at least in my experience. But maybe it's less of a problem than I think, so here's a poll.
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    The GPS hardware/software in the Pre is SERIOUSLY "glitchy". ...and a 4-5 min reboot usually fixes it for a while... but, that's not a realistic solution.

    Good luck, I hope someone can figure out if there can be a fix, or workaround for this issue short of new hardware. (which isn't likely in the near future)

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