An update to fill-in philosopher (Phil), fill-in friend (Fran), and stand-in sweetie (Stan) should be available soon. This update mostly adds some new sayings to each of the siblings (as I sometimes refer to them) and improves and extends their built-in vocabulary. The update will also add the ability to copy their current utterance to the clipboard, as well as the email and text message options that were already there.

If you haven't looked at the siblings--they're simple one-line "Mad Lib" style companions. They ask you for one or two words and then they generate an "interesting" sentence for you. If you're lazy, you can just tap again to let them choose words for you too.

Phil tends to be on the philosophical side of life, in nonsensical sort of way. Fran just tries to be a good friend--although perhaps one who is not quite all there. And Stan just tries to be a sweetie--handy if you're missing your sweetie or perhaps if you need to generate a random sweet nothing. (We're not responsible for how your sweetie might react to what Stan comes up with!)

Their vocabulary is all kid-safe and meant to be non-offensive. Of course if you fill in the words with more "adult" content the results may be "interesting".

The siblings aren't likely to bring about world peace or be the most popular apps in the catalog. They were done kind of on a lark just because we thought "that's crazy enough that people might like it". We've since had requests for a longer form "Mad Libs" style app. We're thinking about it.

As always, if you have a suggestion for how to make Phil, Fran, and/or Stan better--please let us know!