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    I know there's another topic like this, but that was over seven months ago and there have been plenty more apps added.

    I really want a shopping list app and have currently been using ShopList, but I want something a bit more robust and what better time than this app sale?

    So I'm looking at the following apps:
    Shopping List
    Shopping Manager

    I guess that's it...
    I thought there were more shopping-specific apps like this? I must be overlooking some. If you have other suggestions, feel free to add them. =)

    Anyway, without playing with them myself, I can only go by the screen shots and descriptions All have nice reviews, but I want to compare them against each other. So if anyone has any of them, can you recommend one over another and why?

    I like having sub-notes for items (something missing from ShopList), and I like the idea of being able to mark an item which I have a coupon for. I like that the first two seem to be able to easily manage more than just shopping lists, such as a packing list or errands. And I like Teal's upgraded UI; it's prettier than most (and customizable at that), but that doesn't mean it's the better app.

    So, any opinions would be awesome! Thanks!
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    I like shopping manager... it has most of the features you describe... one of my favorite things is that it saves the aisle you can find the product in, and remembers it the products you enter, so the more you use the app, the faster building your list becomes... to the point you just go in and click on things that you need as you think of them without having to enter anything at all, and you know just where they are in your Market.
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    Shopping Manager gets my vote. Great program.

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