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    I'm one of those who knew going in that 8GB would not be enough for me on my Sprint Pre, but I bought it anyway, of course.

    Anyway, so I was just about to buy an album via the Amazon MP3 app, when I realized that it's possible that I won't have enough space for it.

    In past purchases, I don't remember any indication or check about whether I had enough space for the purchase, and knowing that you can only download once or for a short time after your purchase, I held off.

    Does anyone know if there's a check for enough free space before a purchase goes through?

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    I don't think there is a check but you can look in Device info to see the amount of space you have. I have since setup ampache mobile and ampache pre that allows me to leave all my music on my home computer and access it like it on my Pre. You can also open a Dropbox or Zumodrive account and place the album in there and listen to if that way. THere are several workarounds you have so just select your pleasure. With ampache mobile I am able to stream over 500gb's of music I love it and watch videos and movies and still have lots of space on my Pre.
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    Thanks! I've been meaning to readup on and maybe set up Ampache. This adds more incentive.

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