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    Currently, the only WebOS App that seems to be running (for me) without a card open is SimpleTime.

    Actual screenshot

    My challenge is for Palm, Developers and Homebrew folks to adapt this theme/design/coding or whatever the term is across the WebOS platform so ALL and EVERY WebOS App will have the option to run in the notification bar without having a card open (as shown below in the simulated screenshot). This will be similar to "minimize to systray" in Windows OS

    Simulated screenshot

    I know this is not wishful thinking and will happen soon.

    Let the challenge begin
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    Why would you want this and why is it significantly different from card view? Seems like you're trying to redesign the basic OS, which some really talented UI designers put a lot of thought into, and which is generally acknowledged as the most elegant multi-tasking UI on any smart phone.

    "minimize to systray" and Windows is so yesterday ... cards forever!!!

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